Posted on January 03, 2024

Video - Bedazzled

Video - Bedazzled. Penthouse video featuring Breanne Benson.

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Posted on January 02, 2024

Video - Short Sale, Big Dick

Video - Short Sale, Big Dick. Penthouse video featuring Breanne Benson and Nick Manning.

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Posted on December 30, 2023

More Breanne

Always hot and always horny, Breanne loves to show off her special talents so pay attention! She loves when you watch! Starring: Breanne Benson. (Video duration: 11:54)

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Posted on December 29, 2023

Breanne Benson LIVE

Hot little thing Breanne was looking extra horny in her glasses and she's an incredible fuck! Starring: Breanne Benson. (Video duration: 01:01:29)

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Posted on December 19, 2023

Blonde Breanne Benson's Pussy is Worth Dying For

A well hung criminal gets real lucky when the Blonde Breanne Benson gives him more than he bargained for! Private's sexy slut strips off revealing her perky tits, getting to her knees to give him a wild blowjob. After some deep throat and pussy sucking, this slut rides out his cock, grinding her tight pussy on his big dick. Breanne Benson bends over having her pussy fucked real hard doggie style before draining his cum and taking a big cumshot to her tits. After the fuck of his life, this stud gets killed; Breanne Benson's pussy is totally worth it!

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Posted on November 14, 2021

Breanne Benson fucking in the kitchen with her tattoos

Alex is new to the neighborhood, so he brings a pot of sugar over to his hot neighbor Breanne Benson as a gift. He tells her that in his native country, the new neighbor usually receives a gift, as well. Embarrassed that she doesn't have much to offer him, Breanne gets creative and illustrates her hospitality in other ways: by getting naked and sucking and fucking his big dick until he splooges all over her mouth. Talk about getting some sugar from your neighbor!

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Posted on November 13, 2021

Breanne Benson fucking in the floor with her tattoos

Bursting with joy, Breanne Benson walks into Tommy's office and tells him she just received a bonus for her work on all of the accounts they closed. Tommy's happy for her, but a bit perturbed that he didn't get any kind of award, especially since he worked on closing the accounts with her. Breanne promises to put in a good word for him next time around, but he tells her there may not be a next time, as he's got other companies interested in employing him. Worried that he'll leave, Breanne resorts to desperate measures - gobbling up his cock and fucking him until he smothers her in cum. Tommy ends up getting a piece of the pie, after all.

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Posted on November 11, 2021

Friend Breanne Benson fucking in the couch with her tattoos

Breanne Benson wants to take the car to the mall to buy clothes, but her boyfriend's son Kris says he needs it to go out with his buddies later. Breanne tells him that if he doesn't give her the keys, she's not giving him the allowance from his father. Upset, Kris stumbles over his words and Breanne finds out that he thinks she's hot. She's even hotter when she takes off her clothes and rides his dick.

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Posted on November 08, 2021

Maid Breanne Benson fucking in the garage with her tattoos

Billy's wife is upset. There are a ton of chores that need done around the house, and the gir her husband Billy hired to help is nowhere to be found. She throws in a load of laundry and bitches at Billy before heading back upstairs. Little does she know that the hired help - sex-drenched, natural-tittied beauty Breanne Benson -- is helping; she's helping Billy get off in the garage! Who says that a nice wet blowjob followed by a deep dicking and nut blast doesn't amount to help?

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Posted on November 07, 2021

Breanne Benson

Breanne Benson is basically my girl, it?s not like I?m just one of her clients. I?m a fucking Rockstar, not just some strange guy. Breanne plays hard to get?I get it?but she really doesn?t have to, I mean, I?m into her. So, whatever, I?ll play this game for now if I have to; this whole pay-by-the-hour bullshit thing. She?d have so much more if she?d just give it up and be with me. Whatever, it?s cool, I guess she?s got some crazy shit she still has to get out of her system. In the meantime, excuse me while I go make love to my girl.

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